Conference programme

A common thread throughout the conference will be group discussions and networking in various constellations.

Please note that the programme is subject to change.

Venue: Uppsala University, the Segerstedt Building

Welcome reception, networking and guided tours (optional and free of charge).

Join us this first day of Discover Together 2023!

13:00–18:00 Registration at the Segerstedt Building. Coffee and tea are available all afternoon.
  Social activities:

Meet study counsellors and career counsellors from different faculties, departments and campuses at Uppsala University and SLU at our Discover Together 2023 mini fair!

Counsellors working centrally at Uppsala University and SLU will also be present and ready to share experiences and discuss challenges as well.

Take the opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss themes such as:

Internships – career portals – political science students – international students –prospective students – computer science – career support – engineering students – walk & talk vs digital counselling and more …

13:00–17:00 Long time, no see? Book a room in the Segerstedt Building for a meeting with colleagues you haven’t met in person for a while. To book a room, send an email to:
14:30-15:30 Guided tour of the Botanical Garden. Meeting point: the entrance of the Tropical Greenhouse. Max 25 participants.
15:45-16:45 Guided tour of the University Library Carolina Rediviva. Meeting point: the main hall at Carolina Rediviva. Max 25 participants.
17:00–18:00 Welcome reception with mingle.


Venue: SLU Campus Ultuna

All participants will be pre-assigned to discussion groups for the conference’s second day. You will return to your group throughout the day and have the opportunity to reflect on your thoughts together after each keynote.

The purpose of keeping the same groups throughout the day is to keep the process moving and to allow discussions to pick up where they left off, but with new input and insights.

Read more about our keynote speakers.

8:00–9:00 Late registration open at SLU
9:00–9:20 Opening of the conference
9:20–10:00 Keynote speaker: Daniel Lindén
Who is ready for the Future? Competency challenges for organisations and individuals in a time of turbulence
10:00–10:45 Keynote speaker: Frida Rudolphi
Social and ethnic selection to higher education
10:45–11:00 Fika and relocation
11:00–11:45 Reflective groups
11:45–12:30 Keynote speaker: Ingela Bermo-Prvulovic
Career navigation in a complex world of work – the role of learning in guidance support throughout people’s multiple career transitions
12:30 Lunch
13:45–14:30 Keynote speaker: Tarja Tuononen
Graduates’ employability and transition to working life
14:30–15:30 Reflective groups
15:30–16:00 Networking; coffee and tea
16:00–16:15 Closure. Practicalities for tonight and tomorrow
19:00 Conference dinner at Norrlands Nation (optional)


Venue: Uppsala University Campus Ångströmlaboratoriet, the aula

On the last day we will experience a new venue and the focus will be on parallel tracks with selectable sessions where we share and explore. New groups will be formed at each session based on the participants’ choices.

8:30–8:50 Morning welcome!
9:00–9:45 Parallel workshops and best practice, session 1
10:00–10:45 Parallel workshops and best practice, session 2
10:45–11:15 Fika
11:15–12:00 Parallel workshops and best practice, session 3
12.00–13:30 Lunch
13:30–14:15 Panel discussions
14:15–14:30 Closure
14:30 Fika, to-go-alternatives available


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