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Best practice/workshop

We are eager to learn more about your best practices, participate in your workshops or listen to your presentations of projects! We welcome initiatives that focus on a wide array of topics. From small to large projects, from focusing on specific student groups to initiatives for all students. Approaches that have worked well for you in your everyday work. Maybe you have overcome a challenge, how did you do it? Have you reorganised your resources in a successful way?

The third day of the conference,15 June, consists of parallel tracks and we hope that quite a few participants are willing to share professional experiences. Hosting a session is an excellent way to make contact with other colleagues working in the same area as yourself. Moreover, a great way to extend your network!

How to contribute

Submit the title and a short descriptive text of the session (max 200 words) describing the content of the presentation by 15 March. Submit a brief personal presentation and a photo for display on the website.

There will be 20 or 45 minutes time slots for presentations. Estimate on much time you need to present.

All proposals will be reviewed and a programme will, later on, be presented that is varied in terms of both subject and geographical area.

Reduced fee for contributing as a presenter

Active participation is encouraged! To compensate the speakers for sharing and not being able to participate in other parts of the programme during their own presentations, conference participants who contribute get their fees reduced by 25%.

Participants who contribute with more than one session will not benefit from further reductions.

Get inspired to contribute

Just for inspiration, have a look at some examples!


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